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Forestry/MD_ForestSuitability_Parcels (MapServer)

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Service Description: This data was created to assist the Western Maryland Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc. and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service to identify the suitability and availability of forest in Maryland. Utilizing available data layers and GIS analysis, the ESRGC will determine the economic viability of forest and provide an economic development web map for potential investors to view potential markets in the Maryland forestry industry. The data was developed using a model to determine the area of forest appropriate for harvesting. The data used in this analysis includes digital surface models (most recent LiDAR available), soil data (SSURGO), parcel, and roadway data. Criteria for this task includes parcels with 5 acres or greater of forest, parcels with forest intersecting 0.25 miles of a road, and soil drainage categories of excessively drained, somewhat excessively drained, well drained, and moderately drained. Results of this process include the presence of forest, height of forest, and soil type per 3 meter cell. Parcels in this data contain greater than 5 acres of suitable forest that is within 0.25 miles of a road. Additional information about this project can be obtained by contacting

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